Professional Coaching for Targets of Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

The Problem of Workplace Bullying
Did you know that 30% of the U.S. workforce reports being bullied at work and an additional 19% witness it? Combined, that means 79.3 million Americans are affected by this form of abuse! (WBI-Zogby, 2021)

The problem is so widespread that 90% of Americans support specific anti-bullying legislation to address it. Workplace bullying (status-blind harassment and discrimination) is currently legal in every State and U.S. Territory, despite grassroots efforts dating back to 2001 to outlaw this form of abuse. Update: In August 2020, Puerto Rico enacted a law to prohibit and prevent abusive conduct in the workplace!

Workplace bullying is a complex and destructive phenomenon that can lead to serious health-harm for the targeted individual. Sustained and prolonged exposure to stress at work may result in physical, social, economic, and emotional injuries. At the same time, there can be profoundly negative consequences for the employer – in the form of unwanted turnover, decreased productivity, increased use/costs of employee health benefits, risk of litigation, damaged reputation, and more. The abusive conduct benefits no one…except the bully.

The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) is the sole United States organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying through a combination of public education, research, help for individuals, employer solutions, and legislative advocacy. I am WBI’s Professional Coach.

Professional Coaching Services for Targets of Workplace Bullying
I have extensive training and education in the fields of work stress, trauma, and workplace bullying. Under the umbrella of services extended by WBI, I provide professional coaching by telephone to individuals facing the injurious effects of being targeted by bullies in the workplace. The confidential phone sessions, a form of consultation (not therapy), offer education, emotional support, and customized strategies for effectively addressing workplace bullying situations.

Since joining WBI in 2009, I have provided coaching or psychotherapy services to more than 4500 individuals bullied at work. I’ve been honored to help targets scattered throughout the world, including: United States, Canada, Netherlands, China, Sweden, Indonesia, Croatia, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, the United Kingdom…and elsewhere. Workplace bullying is truly a global problem!

Workplace Bullying & MobbingCounseling Today I’ve earned national recognition as a foremost counseling expert on workplace bullying and mobbing. I co-authored two chapters in the first comprehensive, multi-contributor U.S. book on the phenomena, “Workplace Bullying and Mobbing in the United States.” The American Counseling Association regularly features my work in their monthly publication, “Counseling Today” Click here, here, here, herehere, or here to read more. The American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence showcases my training resources for mental health counselors. And, I am a Founding Fellow of the U.S. Academy on Workplace Bullying, Mobbing, and Abuse.

Over the years, I have heard nearly every variation of workplace bullying and helped individuals and their families find lasting solutions uniquely tailored to their needs. I can offer you support and customized strategies to effectively address your workplace bullying situation too. Please contact me if you have questions about professional coaching and how it differs from my psychotherapy/counseling services.

Notice: WBI’s Professional Coaching by telephone is not a substitute for seeking counseling from a local mental health provider. Coaching is a separate and unique service from the counseling I provide as a licensed therapist in Colorado and Washington States. Coaching services are a form of consultation, and do not constitute a formal therapeutic relationship or arrangement. Coaching is not an appropriate treatment or response for crisis situations. If you are in crisis, dial 988 to obtain an immediate referral.

Professional Coaching by phone is offered at $95 (USD) for a half-hour or $145 for a full-hour session. The rate is $175/hour for sessions conducted with the client and their partner, family member, work colleague, etc. A maximum of three people will be permitted on a single call.

Professional Letter Writing and Documentation Assistance is available for $175/hr. Learn more here.

Payment can be handled in advance through PayPal on my website or during the checkout process when you schedule online (see below). First-time clients may be asked to prepay for the session. Established clients are welcome to prepay or pay by credit card at the beginning of the call.

Terms of Service
Professional coaching services for workplace bullying are subject to my Terms of Service. Please review the my terms prior to scheduling your appointment.

Scheduling a Coaching Session
Coaching sessions are offered by appointment Tuesday – Thursday, between 9am – 5pm Pacific Time. My schedule fills quickly so please plan in advance whenever possible.

Book a session through my secure, HIPAA-compliant online scheduling system:

How to Prepare for Your First Appointment
I ask that you take a little time before the session to organize your thoughts and consider specific questions or goals you might have for our work together. If you choose to send information in advance of your appointment, please see my “NOTE” in the section below.

At the beginning of our session, you will be asked to provide some background, so it is best to have a brief summary in mind. I would also like to hear your ideas for how I can best support you. Generally, it is helpful for me to know:

  • Where you work (or at least the type of work/industry) and how long you’ve been there.
  • Examples of behaviors you are seeing from the bully (bullies) **If you’re still employed there.
  • What you have tried so far to address the problem and the outcomes of those attempts.
  • Your goals for resolving the situation.

After hearing your story, I will answer questions and offer strategies and resources to help you meet your identified goals. It is a very flexible, client-centered process. You will get a lot out of the session – especially if you take a little time to prepare in advance. If you have questions about how coaching works, feel free to email or call 206.735.7071 to get clarification.

NOTE: Please be aware that I cannot offer advice by phone or email without a scheduled appointment. If you send long emails, documents, or other notes about your case, I will not read the information or reply until you have booked your session. The time it takes for me to read documents prior to our meeting will be subtracted from the length of our session – or prorated and added to the session fee, if you’d still like to meet for the full period. Thanks!

Additional Resources for Targets of Workplace Bullying
Want to learn more about workplace bullying? Check out my Resources page!

In the Client’s Words…
“Thank you for our sessions, Jessi. Afterward, I felt as if I could stand up and focus on what I love to do…Your sincere compassion, caring and sensitive support allowed me to reconnect to life and realize my worth and abilities. Thanks for your inspiration and for giving me the strength to take a step forward.” — Target of Workplace Bullying
In the Client’s Words…
“It was terrific speaking with you this afternoon. Thanks for your insights [and] ability to truly listen. One ‘reality’ or ‘non-reality’ is that one can become quite isolated in difficult workplace situations. It was uplifting to speak with you. Thank you, Jessi!” — Target of Workplace Bullying