Professional Writing & Documentation Assistance

Collaborate with an Expert

As the long-time professional coach for the Workplace Bullying Institute, I can help you create an effective and powerful document to achieve a variety of goals. An authoritative letter is an excellent tool for educating others and mobilizing the support targets seek – whether that be your employer, coworkers, union, healthcare provider, attorney, or even a caring, but uninformed family member.

A Simple, Straightforward Process
1. Take some time to identify your goal(s) for the document
2. Complete the Introduction Form online
3. Write a basic, rough draft of the document you seek
4. Book a “Professional Letter Writing & Documentation Assistance” session on my scheduling calendar
5. As soon as your appointment has been accepted, email a copy of your Rough Draft to me directly

Important Note: Any information provided is treated as confidential. Once we are done working together, I destroy all copies of documents related to your case.

I will review your materials before your scheduled session. At the time of your appointment, I will call you by phone to fine-tune your goals for the document and gather any necessary additional information. This phone call generally takes 15-20 minutes. Next, I will enhance and edit your draft, in alignment with your stated goals and needs.

The initial fee covers the first phone call and 45-minutes of professional writing and editing. If, after reviewing the draft returned to you, you decide more time is needed to consult and/or finalize the document, we will work together to calculate that estimate. My time is prorated in 10-minute increments.

Jessi’s Unique Qualifications and Expertise
I have garnered international recognition as a foremost counselor-expert in the field of work trauma and bullying. Through my therapy, professional coaching, and consulting practice, I have worked with more than 4500 targets. I am a licensed and board-certified psychotherapist with 25 years of experience. I am also an accomplished writer and skilled editor. My own writing has been published and my clinical work has been featured in publications by the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others.

The Value of the Service, in Jessi’s Words
Over the years, I have helped many targets of workplace bullying create persuasive documentation. I collaborate with my clients to structure the letters they want to write to their employers, union reps, licensing boards/regulatory agencies, colleagues, healthcare providers, and loved ones. Most of my work comes on the editing side to enhance professionalism, strengthen reliance on established company policy and/or relevant laws, as well as reduce any emotionality.

These letters have proven to be powerful tools for clients in terms of building confidence, forming allies, strengthening position for negotiations, creating iron-clad documentation, and so much more. It brings me joy to know these documents have helped clients hold their bullies accountable, obtain better settlement agreements, find success with disability claims, and rally much-needed support from the right people.

While I’ve provided this service to established clients for more than a decade, I recently decided to expand the offering to all interested targets of bullying and mobbing in the workplace. You do not need to become a regular client to take advantage of my support and professional editing assistance